Transportation Reports

Prior to transportation insurance companies need to have an assessment of a work’s condition. ACI is able to provide such a document.

Artwork Chaperoning

When important works are being transported museums will often call on the trained eye of someone at ACI to ensure the artwork upon arrival is identical to when it started its journey.
That person is equipped with specialist tools in case an urgent repair is required.


ACI can advise on the storage of works and preventative measures. We work with experienced teams of art handlers to ensure the movement of works and their storage in climate controlled environments that have state-of-the art security. ACI’s expertise in this field means that they are regulary called upon by such institutions as the Fondation Cartier and the Palais Royal des Beaux Arts in Bruxelles.


ACI have their own mobile scaffolding which is used on major projects such as the restoration of murals or large statues. If extra scaffolding is needed ACI works regularly with specialist suppliers.

Disassembly and Reassembly

We have extensive experience of dismantling works of art that are ‘immobile’ or that have been fixed or applied directly on different surfaces. This can include canvasses that are fixed directly on a wall or the removal of a fresco. This requires planning and precision techniques such as ‘démarouflage’, ‘strappo’ and ‘distacco’ depending on the original technique used. ACI is also able to reassemble a work back to its earlier position or a different location.

Hanging and Art Installation

Whether it’s for a private collector or a museum this requires surveying and planning. There are technical aspects such as a vast array of different fastening solutions, climatic considerations, lighting but also aesthetic considerations to ensure a works ‘breathes’ and fits into a harmonious whole.

Boxes and Wrapping

We can advise on the optimum packing solutions prior to transportation. As an initial precaution works are wrapped in Melinex or silk, then enveloped in bubble wrap where appropriate. ACI also builds ‘micro-climate’ crates in-house to ensure that certain works are not exposed to excessive climatic variations such as heat and humidity and to prevent friction damage.


ACI can ensure the transport of small and medium sized works. They have the required vehicles and insurance policies to that effect. For larger works ACI only uses specialised transport firms who work with some of the most reputed art institutions in the art world.

Rest-Act-15Secured scaffolding
caisseSpecialised transport
gazelleAdaptable ladder
rouleauRolled canvas