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Buying Art in France

France is blessed with a cultural heritage that is recognised around the world and consequently a favourite hunting ground for professional and amateur art buyers. However, art buying and export can be a risky business in any country and France is no exception. ACI works with art buyers who for professional reasons cannot see the work in situ and need a ‘second opinion’ prior to purchase . This avoids costly mistakes and can save a great deal of time and frustration.

Prior Purchase Condition Reports and Provenance Research

A photograph or a slide can never substitute holding and seeing an object with the naked eye . ACI’s specialists who have decades of working with some of the great art institutions in the world prepare museum quality Condition Reports that contain unbiased professional advice. These highlight the current state of a piece in specific terms such as its physical deterioration, previous restorations, dis-colorations and many other aspects that may affect market value including the estimated cost of restoration.

In some cases ACI may have doubts about an object’s history and provenance and in which case we can carry out further scientific tests. We also work with art historians and researchers who have access to French archives and historical documents. This helps buyers make an informed decision on the value of an object and whether a sale should go ahead.

Packing Transport and Insurance

ACI has the necessary expertise in the packing for works of art prior to transport including the making of specialised ‘micro-climate’ crates to avoid excessive variations in humidity or heat. We are equipped and have the appropriate insurance to transport works of art anywhere outside Paris to a reputable international transport firm in or around Paris. They in turn will ensure that all legal documents are valid for export and valid insurance to ensure the international part of the transport goes smoothly.