Insurance Claims

ACI can advise on on risk minimisation such as optimum storage or display options. However, there is no such thing as zero risk and the art world is no exception. ACI have considerable experience of working with insurance companies and working with people who have a policy for their damaged art.

Art Insurance Policy Holders

ACI will work with your insurance company. In order to be speedy and efficient ACI will need some of the following details :

  • date and place where the damage occured
  • type of damage
  • number of pieces
  • number of your contract
  • contact and phone number at the insurance company

In collaboration with the insurance, ACI then prepares a Condition Report which will evaluate the extent of the damage and the cost of restoration. Once this has been agreed with the insurance company ACI can undertake the restoration work or we would be happy to forward the work to restoration professionals.

Insurance Companies

We work in partnership with various insurance companies and brokers. Through our museum quality Condition Reports we are able to assesss acurately and independently the extent of damage to a work of art. Beyond damage assessment work we are also able to restore the work with an international team of restorers that is accredited to work with the Musées de France (Louvre, Musée D’Orsay, Château de Versailles etc).