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We are frequently presented with ‘anonymous’ works of art though we can often place them in a precise context, historically and geographically. Other times, we restore works that are ‘attributed to’ a particular artist. This means there’s a high probability without being 100% sure about its provenance. Keep in mind that it was only towards the end of the 16th century that artists began to sign their work. Outlined below are some of the artists whose work ACI has restored with 100% attribution.

XII-XVI Centuries

Giovanneti, Matteo
Scolaio, Giovanni

XVII Century

De Griebber, Pieter
Hallé, Claude-Guy

XVIII Century

Callais, Antoine
Guardi, Gian Antonio
Watteau, Louis

Hallé, Claude Guy
Louvre, Cours Visconti
Adler, 20th century

XIX Century

Apiani, Andrea
Brest, Fabius
Baader, Louis
Chartran, Théobold
De Grally, Victor
Girardet, Eugène
Gudin, Théodore
Lenepveu, Jules
Lepoittevin, Eugène
Le Sidaner, Henri
Oudry, Jean-Baptiste
West, Benjamin

XX Century and Contemporary

Adler, Jean
Baillon de Wailly, Myrte
Gromer, Marcel
Kiefer, Anselm

Kieffer, Anselm
Scolaio Giovanni, Master of Borgo alla Collina
Baader, Louis
Rigaud, Hyacinthe
Château de Montvallat
Parrocel, Joseph
Bouchard, Louis et Landowsky, Paul
Watteau, Louis
Péronne, "La bonne mort"
Fabius Brest
Winterhalter, Franz Xaver
Spanish School 16th Century
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